Ethos & Philosophy

Our aim is to produce world class wines by drawing upon organic, sustainable and permaculture practices. We believe that working in harmony with the environment, not only is the right thing to do but leads to better quality wine. We do this by maintaining a vibrant and healthy soil by adding compost, mulching and grazing sheep amongst the vines. This leads to healthy vines, which will naturally resist pest and disease. All of our wines are vegan-friendly.
As a single vineyard, we only use the fruit we grow ourselves under our management practices. Weed management, pruning, shoot thinning, leaf plucking and picking is hands on and labour intensive. We believe in connecting our clientele to the vineyard and the grape growing process, so encourage visitors to become involved in aspects of vineyard life.

Wobbly Boot has abundant wildlife and is listed as a sanctuary with the International Humane Society. We believe that the vineyard is not a monoculture, but an environment integrated harmoniously into its surroundings.

We draw upon the principles of natural farming and believe that nature creates everything and that we are here to serve nature.